Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: First Stop

Sunday promised to be a bright and rather warm day. After a brief walk, decided to have a go at northwest Ohio.

Managed to visit and wander about in three locations - two villages and one city.  First stop was Rockfort, Ohio.

Rockford, originally founded as Shane’s Crossing in 1820 by Anthony Shane, a French Ottawa Indian, is the oldest village in Mercer County. It is located in the rich agricultural area of northwest Ohio bordering the Indiana stateline.  Today Rockford has a population of around 1100.

 An example of nicely crafted  and well cared for brick buildings found along the highway/Main Street. They seemed to be occupied and ready for business. An indication of a active and alive village.

A bit further down the street stands an important community asset - a grain elevator.  A vital structure in the land of corn and beans.