Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Village Not A City

On Sunday, the next stop after leaving Rockford was Ohio City, Ohio.  Last visited this village some two years ago.

The village has a rather interesting history.

In 1910, Ohio City was a very prosperous town. Being on the junction of several major railroads, its importance allowed it to sport three churches, one union school, two dry goods stores, two hardware stores, one clothing store, two millinery establishments, three hotels, three restaurants, one bakery, four saloons, two shoe shops, one tailor shop, one silversmith shop, one slack barrel factory, one lumber yard, two blacksmith shops, two elevators, one tile factory, one beet dump, two sawmills, one harness shop, one ice-making house, and three railroads all using the centrally located Union Depot.

Today with a population of some 700, not so grand.  Along the main street is the village office building.  Well maintained and a change from the usual red brick buildings that make up much of the Midwest.

A closeup view of the bench reminds us that this is the Village of Ohio City.

Directly across the street is the usual boarded up red brick building.

On closer inspection, turns out that this belongs to the  Avengers. Have no idea who or what they are but do know where they call home.