Thursday, March 19, 2015


  Fairmount, Indiana.

After photographing in Fairmount, Elwood and Alexlandria last Sunday returned and immediately set about editing and processing the images. The selected ones were taken with a mixture of Olympus and Panasonic bodies and lenses.  

Quickly became very apparent that the Olympus EM 5 camera sensor produced a far richer and - for my way of working - wonderful color palette.  

With analog cameras you weren't limited to a fixed rendering as there was always the opportunity to choose a different film.  Different manufactures offered a variety of films with varying color values.

With digital cameras you get just one choice.  No changing of sensors implies the result is pretty much predetermined by the manufacturer.

Spent early Monday morning searching the web for another Olympus EM 5 body.  Now since an updated version - Olympus EM 5 II - has been released, another EM 5 body is easy to find and usually one-third the cost of the latest issue.  By mid-morning found one and placed an order.  Arrived on Wednesday afternoon and have spent today setting it up. 

Now ready for the coming weekend if the dry and warmer weather holds.