Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: On the Road Again

Finally.  Temperatures in low 60's. After a couple of morning walks it's time to get on the road.  Left Liah in charge of Headquarters - not very happy about that - and set out. 

Decided to return to three Indiana locations - Fairmount, Elwood and Alexlandria -  to see what if anything, has changed over the Winter months.

Other than a few closings pretty much as earlier visits.  No new buildings.  A couple torn down and removed as they were about to collapse.

First stop Fairmount - boyhood home and final resting place of James Dean.   

A view along main street with the necessary/required retail outlets - Auto Parts and a Barber Shop.

Next stop Elwood.  Seems that in every location there will be a barber shop along with at least one bar.  Would seem to be the Indiana Way.

Last stop - for today - Alexlandria.

Fine example of an early 1900 building.  Wonder about the  original stores.  Certainly the Wholesale Connection was not one..

Good to be out and about and will post more later.