Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: Winter

Welcome to Winter.  With temperatures under 32 degrees and light rain/snow mix, roads and landscapes are covered with a sheet of ice.  

Morning walk lasted for about 20 feet at which point - having only two feet - I went down in a flash on some black ice.  

Liah stopped, looked at me on the ground and sat down - she has four feet and was able to walk about without problems.  

Managed to get up and return home to walk about the - covered in softer snow - yard.

Needless to say, only photography was from the covered ice free car-port.

Once inside, breakfast and two big cups of coffee helped ease the pain as Liah just looked at the door, as if to say how come we aren't out walking? 

Will attempt another outside journey if and when icy roads are cleared of the slick spots.

Meanwhile, inside looking out the window with another cup of fresh coffee and recalling clear warm days of summer.