Friday, December 5, 2014

TGIF: It's Time

The past days have been quiet here at the World Headquarters of Today's Image.  With the Indiana Winter settling in - steady light rain along with gray skies - most folks have retreated indoors to survive.

Elsewhere things are not quiet. Events in Missouri, New York and now Chicago have prompted demonstrations thru-out the country.  Some peaceful and others not. 

So far, in our small community, we have been spared from public protests.  That doesn't imply that there are no problems.  Indeed there are problems close to surfacing.  So far, they just haven't surfaced.

In these times find it important to have faith and believe that somehow good will rise out of the troubles.  

Time to reflect on what is proper in the treatment of those around us.  

Time to look inward and confirm what is important in a personal existence with others.