Friday, November 21, 2014

TGIF:A Return to Wandering, Seeing and Photography

Couple updates:

Quiet before sunrise walk this morning with the temperature  7 degrees.  Lucky for us, there was very little wind.  Only one car and the usual school bus.  However did notice two commercial airplanes along with their vapor trials. One headed South and the other West. Something peaceful about the stillness of a cold morning with snow and ice all about.

Finally - I hope - last photography geek stuff.  After several failed attempts to install a plugin into Photoshop, contacted the plugin developer.  Within a couple of hours received a response and a link that would enable the installation.  Clicked on the link and wonder of wonders, it worked. The plugin is up and running.. This should complete the transfer from the old to the new computer.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programing with a Fall image.

  Crete, Indiana.

This was processed using the new equipment, which seems to be running smoothly.  Now that all appears to be under control, it's time to return to wandering, seeing and photographing the Midwest.