Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee. Win Some / Lose Some

As mentioned in an earlier post, the internet computer died and has gone to wherever dead computers go.  Much of last week and the weekend - all day Saturday and most of Sunday - was spent in attempting to install programs and files that had been on the old machine.  

All but two programs made it to the new machine.  Late Saturday latest versions of Photoshop / PhotoNinja finally - after a couple of emails that provided suggestions - were installed.  

The next task was to insert several plugins and actions into the installed latest versions of Photoshop /PhotoNinja programs.  This took most of  Sunday - stopped to watch Liverpool F.C. not win again - with all but one plugin not willing to play with the programs.  

It appears the the single plugin is now part of a package of some six plugins and can't be installed by itself.  Off course the solution is to purchase the package and all would be fine!  Not a happy solution.  

Have loaded a trial of the package which is good for 15 days.  Will decide what to do after the trial period is up.  Meanwhile continue to seek a work around and/or a different plugin.  Stay tuned.

Enough  Photography Geek stuff.

Today after morning walk, returned home, had a cup of coffee and then outside to clean up the fallen leaves.  Which means a brief walk with a leaf blower on the roof to clean the gutters.  This is followed by cleaning up the yard including the leaves from the gutter which are now on the ground.

All was going along nicely until the leaf blower decided to stop working.  Raked the remaining leaves, quit working and inside for more coffee.  Next project is a search for a blower replacement.

How about a photograph?. This is the IOOF lodge building in Eaton, Ohio.