Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Another Return

A bit late as today is Tuesday.  In spite of rather cold weather - temperatures in single digits with wind chill below zero - morning walks have continued.  Yesterday did our usual in Preble County.

Today with the roads/walking space a touch icy we walked in a local park.  Yes, it is cold but both of us really enjoy the ramble.

A year ago the Truth Apostolic Tabernacle of Knightstown, Indiana appeared to be boarded up and in somewhat poor condition.   

Returning this Fall, discovered a few changes had been made.

The sign that was on the cinder block wall has been removed and is now on the ground against the brick wall.  Also gone are the doors that were leaning against the building.  The brick wall is still propped up and a wire fence and yellow safety tape have been added.  The fence is being protected by wooden forms that lean against it.  

Will return again in the Spring to see what, if anything has changed.