Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Farmlands

Morning walk in Preble County now starts off in total darkness.  While we arrive at the starting location at the usual time, the sunrise is arriving a bit later.  This is good news and bad news. 

Good.  We get a different feeling for the landscape and now observe more of the the local large and small animals,  Deer, rabbits and racoons are often out and about at this early hour. 

Bad. Local folks in their vehicles may experience a hard time seeing us walking along the road.  Fortunate for us, not too much traffic at this this early hour.  Those that do come upon us are old fiends that that we see every morning.  We wave and they slow down.   So this early dark start is not all that bad.

Walking in the Spring and Summer has been a quiet time.  Once and while a bird or two will chirp and attempt to defend its territory.  When we pass the chriping stops and all is quiet again.

As the harvesting moves along, the silence has been broken by the high pitch whine of a corn dryer.  Although often a mile or two distant, they can be heard as soon as the walk begins.  Like living next to railroad tracks, after a while you become accustomed to passing trains and do not pay any attention to their sound. 

Spring and Fall are wonderful times to be in the Midwest. 

With the fresh Spring start to the landscape all seems new and exciting. Hopes are high, expectations rise and a future is bright. 

Fall reminds us of the coming Winter.  The landscape is now shades of brown rather than the green of Spring and Summer.  This is a time to pickup and prepare.  A time to tidy the fields for the coming winter weather,  to plan for the harvested crops and begin to do it all again next Spring.

Life in the Midwest is cyclic.  We start, do, finish and repeat it again.  There is a steady rhythm and measured pace that produces a quality of life.

For the folks in C.R. a reminder of an earlier trip and time in Preble County.