Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: All Is Good

It's rather dark outside as we leave the comfortable World Headquarters of Today's Image.

Arriving at our starting point, park the car, pile out and begin the stroll down the somewhat narrow rural Preble Co. road.  As we wander down the road, daybreak slowly begins, clouds become visible, offering patterns that inspire the imagination. All is good.

 Liah is focused on the ground searching for whatever beagles search for.  My eyes search out the sky and the ever changing colors, shapes and forms. All is good.

Our journey today will include two passing vehicles and a school bus.  We encounter them on every walk.  They and we have a schedule that is followed on a daily basis. A red car, a brown truck and a yellow school bus.  They wave and I respond as Liah continues searching.  All is good.

It's harvesting time here in the land of corn and beans.  Huge machines - parked in the fields at this early morning time - roam back and forth across the fields.  Where the crops have been harvested the landscape is no longer closed but open.  All is good.

We walk for a bit over an hour, return to the car for the trip home.  Liah in the front seat, claim and watching out the window at the passing landscape. With eyes on the road yet watching along with her, we move slowly.  All is good.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach from home to the starting point of our walk and some 30 minutes to return home.  For both of us there is no need hurry.  All is good.  

Walking our route is measured in hours.  For cars/trucks it is a matter of minutes.  A train takes but a few seconds.  All is good

     Campbellstown, Ohio.