Friday, September 26, 2014

TGIF: Up and Running Again

The end of the daily week and time to begin planning the coming weekendWith the promise of clear and warm weather, it should be a fine time for photography. 

After spending much of the week attempting to solve the blog posting problems, will be good to be out and about photographing.

In review, the problems have not been solved.  For unknown reasons, posts cannot be produced as they have been in the past.  Images are selected but they will not upload.  Nothing happens, they just sit there and are not uploaded.

In the real world, if something stops working you search for the problem and if possible fix / repair and move on.  if not possible to make it work again and you need it, then you replace it with something that does work.

In the digital world these solutions may or may not solve the difficulty.  In this world problems often are not solved and a different approach is taken.  Instead of finding and repairing the broken part, an attempt is made to avoid the problem in order to complete the task.  This work around approach resolved the image uploading problem.  Still have no idea what is causing the uploading failure.  

Now returning to our regularly scheduled program of posting photographs, we have

 Eaton, Ohio