Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Software Summer

With September 1st, Summer is over and Fall begins. 
 Seems the summer has been spent investigating/using new software.  As choice editing program - PhotoNinja - is unable to decode the files from a Panasonic GH4, time has been spent searching for a program that will.
Used a few that will work - Photoshop CS6, DxO and Capture One - but none of these produce the quality results of PhotoNinja. 
Couple of choices, stop using the camera until PhotoNinja is updated to deal with the files or accept less than choice results from a program that does decode the files.  Will shortly decide on a plan and move forward.
Managed to do a bit of walkabout, returning to nearby locations.  As usual, some changes but for the most part nothing new. 
If anything, things have become a bit depressing. Additional closures, decay and overgrown landscapes.  Spotted one expanding business - Pawn Shop - building an addition to handle their ever growing inventory - will post images later.
Front door of closed and abandoned Wayne County school.