Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Past Week

OK - so it's Monday evening Coffee - as usual a bit late.
Notes from the past week-
1.  Morning walks with Liah have taken on a new twist.  Usually we are out and walking four miles around 7:30 in the morning.  We leave the World Headquarters close to 7 and drive some 12 miles to rural Western Ohio.  With the fields of corn and beans along with a bit of early morning fog the walk is usually quiet and peaceful.  Maybe a single car and/or a school bus but not much else to break the silence. For three days this past week we have been treated to gun shots.  Now we are walking along county roads all by ourselves and gun shots are a bit too much.  No idea what's going on with the shooter.  No hunting season at this time - just bang, bang, bang. Got our attention, to say the least.  For once Liah's barking is being encouraged. 
2.  Coming to grips with software to decode the Panasonic GH4 files.  While the program hasn't changed, the operator - me - is beginning to understand the the options that the software offers. The standoff has become a truce for the time being.  May the favorite program - PhotoNinja - soon be updated to handle the GH4 files - a dream.
3.  Scheduled to teach a photography workshop this coming week - if enough sign up - and preparing has used a bit of time for planning.  A couple more days and should be good to go.
4.  Finally a couple of new software results
   Cambridge City, Indiana
Favorite building that once was the Home of the Knights Of Pythias No. 9 Lodge.  Was built in1898 and today is home to a restaurant on the street level.

Another image from Cambridge City is a new retail outlet. Selling "E" cigarettes.  Even in small Midwestern communities the latest thing is arriving - for better or worse