Friday, July 18, 2014


Up earlier than usual as today is B-day.  B as in bread.  Every couple of weeks the World Headquarters of Today's Image closes down the photography division and switches over to making sourdough bread.
Day started half an hour sooner than normal to allow time to begin preparing bread.  Takes about 20-30 minutes to mix the flour, starter, water and salt.  The mixture is covered and placed in a warm location for 2 - 2 1/2 hours to allow rising.
Since the morning walk takes two hours it is a good time to head out.  On returning the dough is worked, rises, worked again, rises again, divided, placed in baking pans, covered and allowed to rise.  All this takes 2- 3 hours followed by baking.  Writing this as the bread rises enough to bake.
Week started with photography software problems.  A new - to me - program didn't want to play with my editing programs.  Spent way too much time attempting to sort this out with little success.  Even with the help of the software developers, still not working.  Will keep at it, but not hopeful.
Tried this new software after finding Photoshop edited files less than choice.  Happened before and that led me to PhotoNinja which produces very nice results.  The difficulty is that PhotoNinja doesn't work with the files of one of my cameras.  They - PhotoNinja developers - say that all will be wonderful in the next program version.  Sounds good, except no time table for the new version. 
Choices: don't use camera and wait for new version: use camera and process files in Photoshop; use camera and find acceptable software to edit the files. 
Sometimes think it might be simpler to use film and return to the darkroom. With that in mind
While corn and beans are planted and growing nicely, time to harvest winter wheat.