Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Story Telling

A still photographer often waiting for the "right" moment to make an exposure, attempts to capture within a single image  a complete story.  
A film/video photographer constructs a sequence of images to tell a story. The totality of frames is "stronger" than each individual frame. 
Each - still/video - of these ways of working are attempting to achieve the same result - a story.  
While my still photography skills are somewhat under control, the production of a sequence of images is not. Many different choices including panning, zooming, fading and cutting are new to a still photographer. In addition to these camera and editing skills, there is the ability to have a sound track. 
Adding this new way of working - while interesting and exciting - to my skill set is going to take time. 
Meanwhile, will leave with
Richmond, Indiana.