Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Spending Time - Inside

While not posting for a week, been working indoors in the "production area" of the World Headquarters of Today's Image. 
Attempting to solve a couple of problems caused by a new software program and learning a video software program.
A new - to me - lens correction program doesn't want to play with either Photoshop or Photo Ninja. While preferring the Photo Ninja converter, can't seem to make it work with the lens program.  Using Photoshop, the lens program at least appears but makes no corrections.  After way too much time, finally contacted the folks that wrote the lens correction software.  After sending them a couple of files, "the ball is in their court".  Hopefully it will get resolved.
Time has also been spent on "learning" how to take, edit and present a video.  
After several attempts at hand holding a camera while filming, realised that a tripod is the only way to capture a video. Moving carefully and slowly is not something that is in my skill set.  As a still photographer, you hold still and carefully release the shutter.  Video requires fluid moving motion. 
After capturing several video clips - thank you tripod - the next task is to edit them into a seamless video.  This can simply be a pasting together of the individual clips or editing the individual clips and then combining them into a video.  Along the way are opportunties to add text/titles, select and zoom in on a section within a frame and add or remove a sound track.  So far haven't moved - indeed not very far - beyond the editing of individual clips and combining them.


A brief return to Greensfork, Indiana provided the above photograph.  Traveling about, the task will be to capture some video as well as still photographs.