Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Never Say Never

Been a bit lax lately.  The posts have been few and far between. 
Rather, time has been spent in reconsidering moving towards video.  Having rejecting this earlier, am now rethinking this possibility.
There are several reasons for this mind change. 
First, after following several photography sites, seems to be the direction that professional photographers are taking. While the content may vary, the availability and advancement of digital still equipment allows most everyone is able to produce a well crafted still image. What is left for a professional is the ability to produce a sequence of images that "tell" a story.
Secondly, personally enjoy a challenge to grow and add to my skill set.  Rather enjoy taking on new material, as it enables a new conversation with a different collection of folks.
Thirdly, Someone asked if I could do it.  While initially saying not interested, they asked again.  My latest answer, will look into it.  So I am!
Divided this investigation into three parts. Equipment, editing software, presentation.
Equipment: have the camera - takes stills as well as video - just need to understand how to set it up to record  audio/video. With help from a friend, the choosing of appropriate settings has been accomplished.
With the selected settings and help from Liah, a couple of short video's have been taken.
Editing software: have none.  Initially, with "friendly" advice, selected and ordered one.  After, trying a downloaded a trial version, decided that there might be other choices that better suited my needs.  Cancelled the order.  Have installed a trial of another program to determine it's value for me.  
Presentation: have not decided.  Choices include: discs -DVDs, Blueray's etc, web sites - blogs, google, etc - and social media - You Tube, Face book, etc. 
In a flux, as a fish out of water - stay turned to find out how it all ends up.