Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Morning Cofee: Change

After much reflection decided to clear out the Nikon equipment.  Packed it up and sold it. 
This is the second time to change from Nikon to something else. The first time -1960's - sold the Nikon cameras and lenses - kept one lens - for Olympus OM SLR cameras and lenses.  They were smaller and possessed good quality.  Doing landscape / nature photography at the time so that the Olympus worked very well.  Being smaller and lighter they enabled longer hikes and were easier to carry.
In the 70's my attention/jobs turned to PR and people photographs.  While the Olympus tools were capable, decided that a rangefinder camera system would be quieter and less imposing.  Sold most of the Olympus - kept one body and lens - and switched to Leica rangefinder cameras and lenses.
After a few years using the Leica's, started working as a photographer for the local newspaper.  While people figured prominently in the assignments, most of my tasks were to photograph sports.  Since rangefinder equipment is not long - telephoto - lens friendly, Time to switch back to a single lens reflex system.  Sold the Leica rangefinder equipment and returned to Nikon.
Up to this time all the photography had been analogue -film.
Shortly after leaving the newspaper digital photography arrived.  Moved to digital by adding Nikon bodies to my existing Nikon lens collection. While no longer photographing sports, the Nikon tools were useful, working very well and producing some fine results. 
As the Nikon digital cameras improved over the years, they became larger and heavier. I was back to the 60's.  Good equipment but large and heavy. Time to rethink.
Checking out various companies, choosing Panasonic digital equipment, parked the Nikon equipment in camera bags and began using the smaller, lighter and easier to carry Panasonic camera's and lenses.
Since the Panasonic results are "just fine", the Nikon stuff has not been used for some five years.  Rather than let the equipment continue to sit in bags, sold it all except one lens.  the same lens that I kept the first time.  The lens with an adapter works on the Panasonic camera.
A final Nikon photograph,  
        Economy, Indiana.