Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Tourist Walkabout

Been a while since posting.  Time has been spent attempting to find a slide show/video program that produces.  So far have not - for a number of reasons - unable to identify one.  So, for the time being, will table the project.
With Spring finally arriving, left Liah in charge of the office - not her choice - and went for a walkabout in town.  Took a couple of cameras and  played tourist in my hometown. 
Often find that slowly moving thru a familiar landscape will present a new/different point of view. 
With analog/film fewer photographs are taken, as the materials are expensive and the images require extensive darkroom work.
Using digital equipment more images are recorded and sorted out quickly. 
Both ways of working have their advantages and difficulties.  Took the digital route, as I wanted a tourist view.
Found being drawn to architecture and wall writing - no suprise in that.

Returned with a few acceptable images and a clear/fresh mind.