Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Change of Pace

Not really posting about photography this morning.  Rather, something different.
Up early - thanks Liah -  dressed, quick trip outside to take care of business.  Back inside, fixed breakfast for both of us and then sat down at the computer to check out a few web sites.
After about 10 minutes Liah was asking to be paid attention and especially to go for our morning walk.
Checked the temperature - 17 degrees - but what the heck lets go.
Decided that today would be a fine time to check out a local park that would allow us to avoid city neighborhoods.
Off we went.  Turned out to be a great walk.  No people or cars, just the two of us walking in a wooded area.  Lasted about an hour and then returned home.
Home for maybe 15 minutes when she starting asking for more walking.
Checked temperature - now 25 - and said OK, lets go.
This time we got in the car and drove about 15 miles into the next county.  All farmland, very quiet and complete with covered bridges.  Walked for some 90 minutes up and down along roads in a very rural part of our part of the Midwest.
In a word - WONDERFUL.  Returning home in the car. Liah actually relaxed and slept for maybe a mile.  Then up and looking out the windows.
Home with time for a quick photograph.  Note the red spot under her nose,  That's from keeping her nose to the ground as we walk.  She doesn't look about when walking. 

Yes, a real beagle.