Saturday, January 25, 2014

TGIF: Right

With temperatures in the minus categories, wandering around seeking  photographs has come to a halt.  Much too cold for folks to be out and about with cameras.

Been spending time reading a range of articles describing the latest available products - automobiles, clothing, computers, smart phones, cameras, sporting equipment, etc.

Much of the writing suggests how important it is to use leading edge technology.  It would seem that this is the only way to produce quality results.

While these new products sound exciting and useful, they don't offer much than the present items.  Design changes for the most part, but under the hood not much has changed.  

Something not often offered is that about being certain to use exactly the right technology - new, old or middling doesn't make much difference, as long as it is right

Taken in Richmond, Indiana - the image below was the result of using a camera manufactured in the 50's, loaded with film introduced in the 40's and processed in chemicals normally used in the 30's.