Friday, January 17, 2014

TGIF: Interesting Times

Been an interesting week in the Home Office of Today's Image.  After much soul searching, decided to take on an Office Manager - to help organize and provide structure.
Begin searching locally using web pages and newspapers and selected a few possible candidates to contact. 
Interviews yielded an acceptable choice. Was about to offer the position, when another candidate appeared.  After a brief check, decided the recent arrival better fit the position. 
Suggested that we have a week long trial period before making a final decision and all agreed that would be fine.
Tomorrow the trial week will be over and there is no question that this was the correct choice.
Over the weekend will finish up some details/paperwork and in the next "Monday Morning Coffee" will present the new Office Manager.
For now, will leave with another non-project photograph.  
Have a great weekend - check back  Monday.